Clark's DoxieBumPad for frog-like Scooters ver 1.03

This pattern is being shared in hopes that all dachsies that find themselves with sore, red, and bruised bottoms will have a nice soft cushy DoxieBumPad. No-sew alternative, cape solution

If your doxie scoots frog-like, it needs a BumPad. See Clark scoot. Click the video for large size viewing or to leave a comment

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Pattern is for a 17 lbs dachshund with 14" low-rise waist, 3" inside thigh to thigh.
Time: approx 1.5 hours from cutting to finished project (does not include time to adjust pattern)
  • 1/2  yard of soft, synthetic fabric that will take the wear & tear of scooting and be as friction free as possible. Suggested: light to medium weight rip stop nylon, flag cloth
  • 2 pieces of 8" x 8" lofty fleece to use as a cushion.
  • Matching thread, safety pin

I developed this pattern because Clark was getting burns on his rear end from scooting on the floor and area rugs.

I was also aghast at the sound of his boney butt bumping on the floor as he scooted with speed. Baby diapers just didn't fit right and slid off. Also didn't like the idea of him sitting in poop-laden diapers. With this BumPad I can express for urine or poop without removing the garment.


View large-size pattern

 Make your own pattern

  • Pattern is shown on a one inch square grid for easy reproduction. Because this is a wrap garment, it is not critical to be totally exact in reproducing the red pattern outline.View large-size pattern
  • Getting 5 measurements for your dog
1. back waist to tail. Clark is 4"
2. waist Clark is 14"
3. thigh circummference. Clark is 8"
4. belly waist to tail. Clark is 6"
5. thigh to thigh. Clark is 3"

 Adjust pattern to your dog

  • Using inside thigh measurement #2. Adjust pattern by moving the "place on fold" line 1/8", 1/4" more or less on the fold of the fabric. Note: off setting 1/8" actually yields 1/4", etc
  • Extend or take in waist as needed according to your dog's waist measurement #1 PLUS 2inch for overlapping tabs. Clark's waistband is 14" + 2" = 16" band.
  • Extend or take in rear tabs as needed according to your dog's belly-waist to back-spine-waist measurement #3. There is no overlap for the rear tabs.


  • Use your adjusted pattern to cut a sample out of cheap fabric. Test fit on dog. Further adjust the two "tails" and the waist tabs for length. You need only cut one piece for the test fit.
NOTE: This is a low-rise waist pattern. The waist band will sit just in front of the thighs, not at the belly button.


 Cutting into your good fabric for the BumPad

  • Place your adjusted pattern on folded fabric and cut. You will need to do this twice.

Getting ready to sew

  • Stack right sides (RS) together. The photo shows two different fabrics for clarity of instruction. Pin,
  • Stitch length: 2.5-3.0. Sew using a 1/4 in seam allowance around the outer edge except between the two green bars. This opening is where you will turn the project right side out in the next step.
  • Pull all the tabs thru the opening. Press.all seams to be flat.
  • Fold under raw openings. Press and pin
  • Sew 1/8" in from edge, sewing around entire of project.


Adding the fleece cushion

  • Stack the two fleece pieces one on top of another wrong side down.
  • Place the inside of the garment face down on top of the fleece.
  • Now you will be stitching on the outside of the garment to secure the fleece (see white dotted line)
  • Trim within 1/8" to 1/4" away from the garment. Fleece does not ravel and a little bit of extra fleece at the edge will be decorative.
  • The bumpad is complete!
  • Saftey pin to close. Use two fingers to provide the right amount of snugness around the waist. Guide the safety pin between your two fingers, better to stick yourself than the dog.


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